Saturday, December 11, 2010

New PTC site!

This is more than your average PTC..

This is a new PTC called Klickbuck, it is a very unique PTC rather than the other PTC's, what's the click value?? $0.04! whoa! so 1 link is equivalent to 1 day of clicking on your average PTC site.

Minimum payout is $5, and you can click on 24 ads per day, you literally can earn $1 per day, but the ads are like mushrooms, they only sprout out randomly, but I assure you, it's worthit to wait for that :)


nag iisip ako kung join p ako sa mga ptc's kasi cashium nag aksaya lang ako time, then yon isa ko ptc parang pa scam na rin :( but salamat sa pag share first time to know this.

i just hope that this ptc is not scam, just 2 days and i'm near payout.

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