Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We manage to pull it off..

Whoa, we pulled it off..

As I last posted about the practice for our school presentation, we calculated that we only practiced for 6 hours, and our presentation was only 6 minutes, so what a coincidence.

At the party, we told our president (who is too our choreographer) that we want to be the last to perform, so we let on the other groups to perform first, their performance was really good too! but I was surprised when some of their part was taken from our old performance, I'm not saying that the moves are ours, but still haha. then when its our time to perform, we all gathered in a circle and made our warcry..

GLOG GLOL.............................. LAPOK!

Then we put on our CD to the player, when we were starting, the CD was skipping tunes, so it's hard to keep up, they told the crew to stop the player, when there was silence, what better way to break it by shouting! I shouted "WHOOOOO", thankfully the crowd and my groupmates went on along, they never knew it was me who started shouting.


We went back from the start, then, as we thought the player was doing good with our CD, it again, skipped beats, then again, "WHOOOOO",


Its still skipping beats, but we pushed through, and luckily, the player cooperated too! the beat skipping was gone after a few seconds.

The steps was on, the crowd was shouting! every move we made, every sketch we played, they cheered and shouted, there were dreams, there were romance, there were even some unexpected turn of events when someone from the audience came in and ended the show! It was really a lifesaver, he ended the show by touching the face of the main character of the sketch, like he was about to kiss him, haha (Yes its a him), we were all shocked then clapped our hands, it wasn't an interferrence, it was a gift, because we actually don't have any ending prepared, (given its been only for hours of practice).

At the end of the night, we brought the house down, stealing the spotlight, remaining to be unbeatable (in my eyes, haha), we did this for our caring and loving school president / friend / classmate, it was the only way we could return the favor.


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