Monday, December 13, 2010

NewFound Trust, KlickBuck PTC PAYING!

Have you answered this week's MJ's : The Code?

Whoa! IT PAYS!

I was shocked when I went reading on sources that this PTC site pays, I know some PTC's go down in smoke, but as we PTC goers, we want the last of the pieces before they all burn to ashes, so the web has spoken.. KLICKBUCK PTC IS PAYING! (for now)

I was exited about this PTC site because it has a high click value of $0.04 per click, that's a 1 day click to your average PTC! plus, you can click on about 20 ads in 24 hours! meaning you can literally earn $1 per day!

NOTE : Alertpay is the only Payment Processor accepted

Don't wait for this hot new PTC to go to ashes before you sign up, :) sign up now!


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