Sunday, December 12, 2010

MJ'S : the code..

I won't be revealing last MJ'S BrainTwister answer, :) hehe.

I just watched "Code Breakers" this afternoon, I was fascinated on how coding went through a long way, coding wherein you mask a readable words into a more complex unreadable code.

Coding caused..
A queen to be beheaded..
world war 1 to start..
A killer on a rampage..

As to this show, I was inspired to release this week's MJ'S, here goes..

No more backwards text for you guys!

A Computer Secretary got tired of his boss's attitude, so she decided to leave the company without notifying anyone..
She left the computer on lock, and encrypted an alphanumeric password to prevent anyone to access the important files of the company which was saved in the computer..

The Secretary put something on the Clue..

"You force heaven to be empty"

What was the password?


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