Monday, December 27, 2010

Step Four, The Surprise

Aa I went to my friend's table, I saw all of them all set and ready to party, in a table, there were 11 or 10 people, this is the only allowed number of people per table, this is to maximize the allocation of food, and to evenly distribute in it, one too short or one too many would lead to shortage / surplus.

As they are already complete, I am not allowed to join them, so I sat at the table next to them, it was empty, and there were a sign putted up saying "Reserve", there, another friend of mine joined me, he was a late comer too, he was with her girlfriend, there we made up jokes regarding us not having to eat anything.

As the food was serve to other tables, we looked as our friends dig in and ate, (wow we looked, man it sounds like we look like we haven't ate for a year! LOL), to our surprise, the table were in wasn't paid! it was on the venue that only 11 out of 12 tables were to be rented, "Ahh so that's why the food isn't being served here." come to think of it, we were only 3 on that table, just when all hopes were lost.... (to be continued)


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