Friday, December 17, 2010


Haha, I got some schedules ahead today, it's really going to be cramming time, literally,

Let's see what i'll be doing..

1.Blogpost and Adgi at the morning (Because I haven't done it yesterday, 8:30 ~ 10 : 00)
2.Will go with Nash from Nash Goes Chenellyn to buy (*Secret*) for elvie from "Elvira's Runabout" (11:00 ~ ??:??)
3.Practice dancing or a stage act that'll be performed on our christmas party (??:?? ~ 4:30)
4.Go back home and prepare myself (for something ofcourse, it's on #5, 4:30 ~ 5:30, the time of transportation is included)
5.Meet up with old friends/classmates, we'll be going to a debut of our old classmate (6:00)

Now I don't know how I'm supposed to answer my CourseWork Assignments (CWA) that's due next week! WHAHAHAHA i'll need a supercalafragalisticexpialidoucious mega imbaness concentration!


The CWA is on moday! LOL! Just gave you some pressure! *peace out!*

whoaaah! that's a lot of schedule! take care.

thanky thanky po... that "thing" is really beautiful, nash send me the photo... kinda excited but that's not mine huhuhu...

Well goodluck na lang sayo lagi in everything you do .. merry christmas na rin!

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