Thursday, December 2, 2010

Anime Takeover

Notice something on your friend's profile picture?

I recently blogged about the Anime Madness, I never expected that it'll grow like this.

Look around your friend's profile pictures, as you can see, some changed their profile picture to Animes and Cartoons, and they're growing! to know why, read my previous post Anime Madness.

This is a great example of how man can help each other even in the littlest of things,

Join the movement! the goal is to transform facebook's users to an all anime/cartoon pictured profiles as explained in Anime Madness by monday, its for a good cause, plus, you've got nothing to lose :).

2 comments: guilty..I sometimes change my profile pic with akatsuki picson naruto..

I try that too.. And many of my friends are already done it. I have change my profile pic into some characters in Naruto Shippuuden

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