Saturday, December 25, 2010

Step Two, The hunt..

Merry Xmas Everyone!

Me and my other classmate we're assigned to buy the props we'll be using for the school performance.

As the mall is fully loaded with last minute buyers, my friend decided to take another route into the mall

Lets go here, I know a shortcut..

When we got inside, the layout is far too different, because the last time we came there was from the main entrance, so I was puzzled where the booth is.

We walked and walked for minutes, It was really frustrating not finding the booth, as my friend's temper runs out.. I have to think of a way, to somehow remember..

Hey, I saw that sign! (The sign says "Pay Toilet")

Hey, she pointed that out! (It was an accessory booth, I remember Nash from Nash Goes Chenelyn pointing it out for me to see)

Then it hit me.. Its this way!!

So, not sure of what I said, I went in retracing the faint steps I barely remember, then, little did I know, I already passed it! thankfully, a hunch made me pause for a second, then, it came back to me that the booth I was standing right beside was the one were looking for!


ahaha! akalain mo un.. i left some imprints. :P hahaha!

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