Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Step Five, Finale

The three were shocked, Mr President talked to the manager, and next thing you know, were dining at the table! I think they arranged an agreement to allocate that table too, so there were 12 tables in total, he didn't rest until the table was settled, four of us, Me, My classmate and his girlfriend, and even Mr. President joined the table, we ate foods that were cooked for 10 people, so in the end, I was really full that I can't even eat a spoonful of rice!

I was really thankful I voted Mr. President at our school election :)

Then, there were performances from different years, different groups, as we are tight with some of our profs, and Mr. President being our choreographer, we told the MC that we'll be the last to perform, (Ofcourse! Ensured by Mafia XD kidding!).

The first up to perform was the first years, I was told that they would be performing a comedy dance too, maybe they were inspired by our comedy last acquaintance party.

We watched them perform, I too had some laughs on their performances, specially with their crowd pleaser! I can't describe it into words, because it'll be discrimination XD.

Second up were groups from I think the first years again, and once again, they performed a comedy.

Then, the School's student council was up, They performed the hand-with-white-gloves-with-neon-lights interpretation, the song was I believe was a religious one, it was really touching, and given the fact that their performance complimented the song, it too was a hit, I was proud to hold the curtain for them.

Then, the moment we're waiting for, our group was up! everyone had sweaty hands, (well, me to be precise), you can see that everyone was nervous, so we decided to huddle up, said what we were doing this for, then shouted a warcry that goes like this..

glog glog..........................LAPOK!

That's our group's name! hehe, with the warcry's buffs on us, we set on to the stage.

And this is where I end my story :) hahahahahaha.


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