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OK soldier, here's the mission briefing! Listen well!

I'm pulling out all the stops, I'll be talking how to chain everything to successfully earn money online without investment, for those willing to learn, stick around and read them all, read them, don't memorize them, learn them, for those who's only "Crash and Burn", I suggest looking away, this would take time to fully finish, I myself haven't done everything I have stated here, so please do understand..

I wont be telling you that you would be earning $50 a day, or a $10,000 a week or month, You will be earning, but not that much, well, at least not yet, but you will..

I myself is doing this steps, so we're all in this together, this would be a free tutorial, I wont be asking others for money or donations of some sort, all I ask in return is for you to use my links for sign-up, that would help me a lot,

First, Lets talk about your payment processor, PayPal and AlertPay are the two most used, there are others there too but I suggest only using these two, because others don't accept other payment processor other than these two.

So lets Begin.



This video would help you on how to register for a paypal account, I don't own the video, credits go to the owner.

NOTE:I don't know the difference of the 3 account, but I remember creating mine as "Personal", and "Premiere" is the 2 way for buyers and sellers, so maybe "Premiere" is recommended. Here's the link directly to PayPal.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


This video will guide you through AlertPay Registration, this too is not mine, credits go to the owner.

This link would take you straight to AlertPay


PTC(Paid To Click) Sites

Basically, PTC(Paid To Click) sites are a great money maker, I made a page that has all my PTC(Paid To Click) sites on it, its on my "PTC Sites" page. a PTC(Paid To Click) is basically a Paid to click, here's a tutorial on how to register and how to use PTC sites on one of PTC's that I go to, this one came from yours truly :).

NOTE:Some maybe in differ with interfaces, but still the registration process is the same, and please DON'T REMOVE THE REFERRER FIELD, thanks :)

If you go to my "PTC Sites" page, you can see a few of them, all of them legit and paying (except for 888bux, but I know they are still on maintenance) this would be sufficient enough for you to earn your capital, I only selected a few because Its hard to manage more of them, but if you want to earn that bad, here's a few pointers.

Not all of them are helpful

: Because some are scam, so take precaution when devoting to a PTC(Paid To Click) site. look for their forum, if you notice that their forum is not managed well, its a sign of a scam PTC, and research more on the PTC(Paid To Click) site. Others devote themselves into finding PTC's that are scam,

Some may deal you damage

: If you think they are stable, you might think of Investing, (which is not our goal, our goal is to earn WITHOUT investing), then suddenly your PTC came crashing down, it became broke and closed down, so be careful and take precautions on your steps,

Here;s the link to my PTC(Paid To Click) sites.

PTC Site

Ivan from Golden Sun :D cute eh no?

This PTC(Paid To Click) sites are what would provide you with your capital for Adgitize, you will only need them for your capital, you can choose to leave or stay with them after getting your capital

NOTE:The targeted accumulated capital should be $14


Blogger Account

You need to set up your own page for others to see your banners, and when they see them they'll sign up, and when they sign up, there's more money!, But now they wont be seeing your blog, since it doesn't have street creds yet :)

You may want to create your blog for the soul purpose of it being your homepage, where you can put your banners and stuff, your links, and other more that you want, and later on, you will need this blog, for now, lets just use it as your detour.

NOTE:There are other hosting sites, I just haven't explored others yet, so why teach others things that I don't know??

Practically, you would want to put here all of your PTC(Paid To Click) sites' banner, and all links that you want to put up.

There you go, You have your capital (Which should be $14), You have your own base, now its off to war!



This here you wont be needing any video clips, as I have guessed your accustomed to signing up by now, from all that signup and stuff, you just have to click this banner and it would take you straight to Adgitize

Adgitize your web site.

Thats the badge I use for my blog, because of blog template limitations, I'm limited to use that small one, but if it were me, I would've used this one..

Then, when your done, you must link your blog to Adgitize, you must give Adgitize your blog's RSS Feed, I dunno how the hell am I suppose to explain this, but its the thingy that gives others information about your blog when a new post has been done, and you will have to post everyday quality blog, so you have to do 2 things, Blogging and Clicking (for the PTC sites).

Here's where all your hard work will pay out, You will Invest/Gamble your $14 capital here, I said Invest because you might earn more, and I said Gamble because you might end up losing it all, if you dont do this.

When you become a part of the Adgitize community, you MUST and everyday MUST do this.

Create a Blogpost

: A blog post would be from your blog, a Blogpost maybe an article/short article and anything in between, you can talk about stuffs and stuffs, just do a blog post everyday.

Click The Community

: on Adgitize, there's a unique way on how others gain traffic, everyone is obligated to click 100 blogs everyday, go to

Reports >> Blogs not clicked today

There you can see a bunch of links, click 1 or 2 of those links, and then you will be taken to that blogger's own blog, then from there find the Adgitize badge, you have to click those again, then repeat the process,

NOTE:Dont click on the blogs that you already clicked, because it wont count.

You might think that 100 is a big number, but if you do it yourself, you'll be surprised that its that easy and simple, it wont take you long, I promise, except for those with slow internet connection (counting me in).

Here, you will have to manage your blog, and manage your PTC as well (if you decide to hold on to them) and to gain street cred, you would have to "Exchange Links" with other blogs, exchanging links is when you put somewhere in your blog a link to other bloggers blog, its like your own adgitize, but your doing this to build friendship, as well as backlinks, more friends more links, more links more backlinks, more backlinks is equal to a successfully competitive blog.

If you have a blog, you can start "Exchanging links" with me

You can continue on doing this, or aim high and..


Paid to Post/Review Products

As you learn how to blog, and learn to exchange links, you would be good enough for a paid review, this is where you can earn big, you can earn by finding great paying sites for reviewing a certain place or product and giving a link to them

Basically, I'm still not on this stage, because to get to here, you need a bunch of quality backlinks, and give your blog a PR (Page Rank), you should find other sources for what im saying right now, this is really hard to explain or im just getting tired :)

So, after this, you might have been cursing me for making you read this junk, and for those who appreciate it, your more than welcome, please, use the links that I provided, that's the only help I ask of you, no money, no donations,

And as for that, that's all you need to start earning money online, as you become a more avid surfer, you might find other ways or more beneficial ways to earn, and when that day comes, don't forget about me, here's my paypal account, :)


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