Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dropping off footprints

As an emerging blogger, you learn from others, and to learn from others, you go from blog to blog to find out what blogging is really about, and as you learn about traffic, you tend to drop off your footprints (URL) to their blog by means of a shoutout, (on a chatbox or comment), but I see others making some common mistakes about this, which lead me to blogging about this..

I don't know why others forget about the essentials of dropping off comments, the reason for dropping by can be because you want to establish a connection or you want the targeted blog to view you back, either way, what's important is you need to remember your blog's URL, because others use the shoutbox I provided but didn't put any URL linking back to their blog, (which I am frustrated about, because I can't return the favor of them visiting here)..

So what I can say to this blog post is..

Dont Forget your capital U.R.L. :D Happy blogging everyone!


forsure you will visit me back hehe.

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