Friday, October 15, 2010

This is not my day

This is literally not my day..

It was examination week..

I woke up this morning just right for my morning class, it was suppose to start at about 7:00 am, then when I got to school, its still closed, (weird eh? a closed school, that is assigned a class), apparently even our teachers are still not in the premises, then I sat down with my friend (thankfully he's early too) and chatted for awhile to pass the time, my head was aching all the time, longing for my soft warm bed.

the class started about 8:00, no worries I said, better early than late..

Then, at my second class, we were all positioned on our cheating arrangement, then, somehow, without me doing anything, my teacher called me out to sit in his desk, (WTF!) no biggie, he's a nice teacher, chatted with him too while taking up the test, good thing is it only consisted of 3 parts, 1st part was True or False, second was Identification, and the 3 was about query, that part I didn't paid much attention to.

After that, my friends and I went for a pub game of DotA.

Our favorite comp. cafe was loaded, so this time, we were taken from our homecourt and sent to their other branch, (it was in the neighbor, so it wasn't far), we played we played, and somehow, our team lost to our everyday same opponent (which is rarely happened), so no biggie again for me, it was just a game, time cards were given to keep track of what time you started, i'll make a script to tell what happened,

We were giving out our time cards to pay our bills.(peso currency ok :D)
Man:20 bucks
Man:20 bucks
Man:20 bucks
Man:that would be... 35 bucks
Me:what the..

Man I was pissed, I argued with the man telling that I was with them, he keeps on saying "I just read what was written on the time cards", It was a rush so other people were rushing to pay too, I suspect that my time card was switched with some lucky b*st*rd, My classmate (which I am ignoring for some reasons) called me back in and helped me argue, thanks but still the man repeated his words, I was totally pissed that time, but as when I get pissed, I tend to "think" about it.

Then we bid goodbye..

I went directly to my bed, slept..

Hours have passed, then I woke up with a "stiff neck".

I stand up, then I stepped on a spilled water spilled by my pamangkin (sorry forgot the english term for this), without giving attention I went down the stars, I saw again a puddle of spilled water, I avoided it, and when I stepped my foot..

I fell down the stars..

Thankfully I know now what our "buttocks" are for, saved me the pain, it hurted for a minute but that's fine.

And that was my day.. how's yours?


really not your day hehe..

P.S. for 'pamangkin' *nephew for boy, niece for girl* that'll help you remember :]

Haha! A really bad day for you! Sabi nga, when it rains, it pours! Di bale, bawi na lang pag umulan ng grasya!

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