Monday, October 18, 2010

This is horrible!

If you have read my last blogpost entry, you know what i'm talking about..

as another day goes by, I slowly turned on my computer, crosses my fingers, and hope for the best, once its on, i'll type as fast as I can, just to make it to the required blog post.

Today, my computer granted me again access to the net, but for how long? because as I stated, it only gives me about roughly 2 minutes to surf the net after its boot, now, as I write this post down, I shake to my very core, thinking that this network connection may (fingers crossed) fail and I wont make the blog post a valid Adgitize post :(.

I mean, its like the freedom of surfing the net is gone, I can't do anything about it, I am considering factors that is affecting my network connection right now..

It might be..
1.The cable company themselves (not pleasing me at all)
2.The rats behind my desktop (thankfully not bitten anyhing.. yet)
3.The storm (I think its name was "juan")
4.The cable (just cable, maybe unplugged?)

I can't do anything about #1, and I will clean up the back of my desktop this weekend, because literally my desktop is on a tough spot, i'll snap a picture once I lay my hands on my mom's camera, #3 is another outside factor I cannot do anything with, and #4 I already checked, it wasn't it.

So, if you've got a stable network connection, make the most out of it XD.


I guess even if it's DSL or Cable, nothing will work if there's a typhoon. May all be well with you in the next few days. :)

goodluck, hope you fix the problem but if the reason was the weather better wait for its to go back into normal, stay safe!

haha, thanks, yup, outside factor cannot be affected :X

I'm just so focused on my blogging that it makes me a hotheat when things like this occur

hope you're DSL is ok. maybe it's because of Juan...

hahaha! I enjoyed your posts. I was back reading all your post and I can't help but laugh. I am curious about adgitizing for I don't really make money with them. LOL! I usually make money in paid articles and of course some of my online opportunities like swom and power2share. Those are pretty cool stuff that you can also try. But anyway, going back to adgitizing, how does it work? I have an account there but I think I only made some pennies. lol! Maybe you can share with me how it goes and I can also share you some of the things I do online which are giving me income. Fair enough?

Hoping to see you in blog soon. Take care!

haha! As I was reading your blogs (the first one and this one), I can feel how pissed you are. HAHA!

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