Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Adgitizing LITERALLY made faster! and any web surfing!

Browsers are what we use to surf the net, the most commonly used browser would be Mozilla Firefox, and secondly the Google Chrome, as I use this two web browsers, I remembered an old browser that was used on my phone to gain free access to the net using only your phone, and I thought it was only good for your phone, It ended up making me a happier blogger :)..

It all started when my second to the most favorite browser, Google Chrome, crashed, Im still searching out why Google Chrome is not functioning properly, as I read on forums, others are experiencing the same thing all over the globe, I hope Google patch this up, then, as I need to do a favor to my best friend (help her out on facebook games), I have to search for a new browser, then it hit me..


That was the browser's name, I searched up the site and downloaded the installer, when I installed it, I came across another problem, the progress bar wont move!, then after a minute or so of waiting, I canceled it, surprisingly, it still was installed, and thanks alot for that..

I used this browser to access my other gaming account on fb, after that I tweaked some of the browsers functions, what really pleased me and motivated me into blogging about it was the "Opera Turbo" built in function, which literally turbos opera when browsing, I turned it on and it blew me away!..

All sites were loading within seconds! made my "Adgitizing" really fast, so fast that I didn't dropped off some of my footprints to some blogs, I was testing its speed so I went on a clicking frenzy, which gave promising results, all blogs were loading within seconds, and those laggy blogs before were no issues no more!..

Well. it was a blast, this browser would be my blogging browser, I recommend it too! but don't let me talk you into it, use opera's built in function "Opera Turbo" and see what Im really talking about :D

P.S. : Dont use with "PTC sites", Some has conflict with the Opera browser


Hmm... I've been using Opera for a while but never hit that turbo on. Hahaha... I'll give it a try... ^^

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