Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boooo! Awww! Hooray!

Boo! I was really pissed when I got home, it was so messy (as it always is), I haven't told about my sister, but to keep it short, she has her own family, and her husband cannot completely suffice their living, so they live here, then as I looked around, I saw our "Games of the General" board lying on a side, opened, clearly my meddling nephew opened it, so I quickly grabbed it and went to my mom's bed, I went to count it only to find a piece missing, so I was so pissed, when I came back to ask my sister about it, I saw the system unit's motherboard manual on my bed, I saw its cover, when I saw it, the contents were torn apart, man, that is what pissed me too, because our PC Troubleshooting prof said that a manual of a motherboard is one important tool, so I was so pissed, I know I had to blog about it, (you may call me shallow, but there's a great amount of these, I'm not just relying on what happened at hand)

I went and sat at my computer, when I was browsing through my Library, I saw a song I've never heard, I just downloaded it from youtube, it was a song of Owl City, it was a cover though so it's not an original, but still, adam's voice gave the song a pleasant, calming atmosphere, so I was hotheaded no more..


Hooray for my blog! this is my 101th post! so I am pretty much blogging for a long time I might presume, :) yay to me! donations are accepted, hehe, joke.

Happy bloggings to everyone!


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