Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adgitize Forum Points

I got it now! the points system!

Once a day of blogging, I ran to a problem about the Adgitize forum points, it says that if you have a total of 200 words a day, you would score a 100 point in your points system, as for me, I always met the 200 word per day, but Adgitize had other plans.

I only got 75 for those days! but I met the 200 word? what's wrong with that?.

Then I went on the forums to fish out some answers and I've concluded (thanks to the two angels, you know who you are) that its because Adgitize forum points works on ranges!

To explain things more further, lets put it this was
1~24 words - 0 pts
25~50 words - 10 pts
51~99 words - 25 pts
100~150 words - 75 pts
200~ words - 100 pts

The void between 150 and 200 I can't really define, try it, but this is the thing behind the scoring system, when you reach the word corresponding to the range, the range your in would also be the points you would accumulate.

And another tip I got is to look at the bottom of the forum, not the "Too-much-bottom" bottom, just top of the forum statistics, there, you'll find how much points you've accumulated that day. :)

Happy bloggings everyone!


whew, first time in your site :) and this post makes me smile :) now that you know that, goodluck to earning 100 points in Adgitize FOrum every day :)and thanks for the info about how much points I accumulated for that day, I didn't know that until now :)

nice one hehhe, goodluck to you

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