Monday, October 4, 2010

The Virus!

Before i start my blog post, I would like to congratulate Mr.Llama on his new phone :D

Now on my previous post, I said that my computer was infected by an undetectable virus, it was pretending to be an anti-virus that would literally force you to install it.

Then as I have no choice, I installed that effin virus, after its installed, my computer restarted, and after that, my startup had a new scanner, it was the "Anti Spy Safeguard" splash screen, It will force you to scan your computer with it. now again I have no choice to do this, after the scan, It will say that there's a bunch of application that is infected by a trojan virus.

The good news is it can be removed, bad news is you have to buy the full version of the said "Antivirus".

Then, I rushed over to the nearest computer shop to research about the virus, (its preventing me from accessing the net, when I click my net browser, it says that it is infected and I should purchase the full version blah blah).

I happen to went to my friend's computer shop, there I researched like crazy, thinking of what I should do, then my friend told me about "System Restore", I searched about it, and saved the walkthrough page on my flash drive.

When I went home, I followed the instruction, but unluckily...

System Restore is also infected...

I went "WHAT THE EFF!!", then, I remembered the "Safe Mode" of windows, I tried this and luckily I gained access of the System Restore function.

:D thanks to that knowledge, oh and the virus was named "heuristic module" of some sort, so be careful downloading an .exe file from some random webpage!


yes, be very careful downloading anti-virus, for they also the one creating those viruses to sell their products.

WOW! You are really an IT Dude. You have a bright future coming your way! Keep it up.

Thanks for the Link Love! Will do the same too. :)

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