Thursday, October 14, 2010

That's weird

Whaaaa?? bloggers commented on my blogpost about my 1100, but didn't comment on my blogpost about my iPaq500? wierd :D.

Congrats on the blogpost of Mr.Llama :)

Well, im already drained from the day, so I can't think straight to blog about, good luck to me on a 300 word forum post too :(.

I heard whispers that other bloggers are demanding to RAISE the 300 word forum post into a higher count (e.g 350, 450+), man, talk about arrogance, in my part. I am sorry for the words but why do that? why complain? are they telling other bloggers that they are better? because they can do a 300 word forum post in a blink? man, that's why the world slows down on our innovation, peoples like that makes it slow, battling again his own, without any reward, just a boastfulness glory in the end.

Well, that's all the juice I can squeeze out, I'm very truly sorry if my blog posts were not that as good as my previous ones.


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