Friday, October 8, 2010

Reserving blog post

There are times when a blogger has nothing to blog about, its not that he/she does not have something in mind, maybe it just slipped out, and sometimes, a blogger's mind is jam packed of wild blog post, anything and everything in between, he/she is thinking about it, so, why not do this to even out the two?.

I've read this on the "Guerilla Blogging", that said that a blogger should blog about everything that comes to his/her mind, and post them as for me, an "emergency post", which you can post when your totally blank on what to blog about, so you are maximizing the two scenarios and what their side effects are.

So I will try to do this next week, because it would be our "Sports Fest" on our school, so things would get a little wacky, :D and I will try to put on personal pictures taken by me, because my mom's camera from work came in, its her time for the camera, which makes it time for me too :D


there are times that you have lots of thoughts and ideas that you can blog about, and there are times that aside from not having any ideas at all, the laziness also pulls you. this always happens to me. so what i do is that when i'm in the mood to write, i write them all and just save them, so that when the day comes that my laziness overpowers me, i just have to do some clicking and my blog will still be updated.

from my blog:
Guest Post: To Accept or Not?

it's true sometimes your running out of ideas or anything to post in your blog it happened to me. Anyway, looking forward for your next post about the sports fest, we want to see pictures here =)

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