Monday, October 11, 2010


Working on my "Reserved Post", I am now uploading my pictures to be used on my reserved post, Surprisingly, I didn't see the size of each picture, when I looked, it was about 5mb per picture, whoa! talk about megapixels.

Oh and I tried out the forum posting, and a whopping 100 points was awarded to my Adgitize account, but to gain that 100 points everyday, I need a thing or two to tell my fellow bloggers about, that's like doing a 2 blogpost everyday!, but its for the better, so I guess I need to open my mind to more things so I can blog more about things, wow what a poorly use of redundant words. :)

The Opera browser takes its toll, that's why I thought it was good to be true..

My Opera browser is acting up, when it loads a page, it always stops loading, and still when I refresh the page, I still wait for like ages for the page, but it will never load, so I'm going back to my home browser FireFox, but as I lay this descriptions, I haven't tried Opera out again, and my net was fluctuating back then, so I might take back what I just said when I use Opera again :)

Our prelim exams are coming up.. wish us all luck :)


congrats you've finally joined the forum section in adgitize =)

good luck to your exam bai... i'm sorry if I call you sis... I didn't read your profile..

btw, anyone can join.. hindi lang babae..hehehe sorry again bai..

WOW! Really? You got an easy 100 points? Dang! I must try that one! :D

100 points, nice!!! Good luck sa exam!

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