Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here at School

Im here today at school, not knowing I still haven't posted here at my blog XD.

I was about to miss a point in Adgitize for not posting here XD, and the net here at school stinks, big time, I.P.s are being stolen (dunno how that happened) and everything is flashing "Error" on every page!.

Error this...

Error that...

And the network connection is always fluctuating! up and down.. up and down! making saving drafts hard! and I don't need to mention what posting would be like.

So as long as Im here at the school, I prefer not to go net surfing here, Maaasar lang ako pag nag net ako!.

I don't know why I haven't posted yesterday at home, maybe I forgot, or slipped my mind, and oh yeah I tried posting on Adgitize's Forum, hope the points will go to my account, looking forward to another post on Adgitize's Forum!.

NOTE : I know my grammar is preety bad, haven't got a good night sleep yet, my first class was too early.


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