Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hardest Blogging day Ever!

This are those days that I want to blow up my internet network's company.

When I woke up this morning and turned on my computer, I worked on some of my school projects, and did a little blog tweaking to my other blog, so it was a typical blogging day for me, until..

It was somewhere between 12 to 1pm. I shutted down the computer for a bit, and grabbed myself a munch, when I got back to blog, the horror happens,


man, what a terrificly good timing, I haven't clicked yet, and havent posted yet, on the forums and my own blog, the strange thing is, everytime I went from a boot, the network connection bursts to its fastest, then, will slow down instantly after a few minutes, (2 to 4 or so), so I can access the net for a number of time, so I'm writing this post on my notepad, and will restart my computer again to post it on my blog, really tough situation for me.

I know complaining about this on the company won't change anything, they are as slow as hell! they only mush up on the phone when they talk to you, telling you they will send a technician instantly, or telling you some troubleshooting tactics that is literally just to pass the time, very irritating.

But i'm not jumping to conclusions, I'm still looking at outside elements, for example, a storm was detected inside of philippine's AOR, so as I know the network connection slows down when it rains, I am considering this too to be a factor, but to start with, why the heck does it slow down when it rains? effing service if you ask me.

And when it rains, it gives a slow connection, repeat after me, a S L O W connection, not an effed up one like I have now, back then when it rains you can still do your facebook rounds, now this thing wont even let me connect onto yahoo.

Man, got a C4 or a pillbox on your pocket or bag? please drop it off on my network's company, thank you.


Mine is pldt dsl - and for the second time last week, connection was totally out, yesterday (Sunday) we have no connection starting fr. 3-4 pm till early morning today, it sucks :(

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