Friday, October 1, 2010

The box thingy!

Its not like I don't know what's it called, its just for curiosity purposes, now I know your reading, sit back and read about this :)

Widgets are a blogs best friend, it pumps up the blog's layout, and a great layout makes a blog happy, as for some widgets, they are not taken lightly, if not essentially needed, bloggers abandon the widget and won't put it in their blog because of loading issues.

But not to put a chatbox widget? hmm, In my opinion, other blogs help others in visiting them, and visiting them back is the least you can do, but how can you trace them with other methods beside a chatbox widget? a widget that registers their IP address? don't you think that that is much more heavier than a chatbox widget?

And without a chatbox widget, your limiting the income of comments on your blog, as other bloggers that are on a rush (cramped schedule, adgitizing) they don't have much time to click your "comments" links, and a great detour for them is a chatbox widget.

I've seen many blogs without a chatbox widget, I'm not telling others to put up a chatbox widget in every blog, I'm just telling what a blogger is missing out withot the chatbox widget :D


All my blogs has chatboxes before, now I purposely removed them kasi d na ako masyadong active sa yung basihan ko nalang when I visit someone's bllog/s is yung comments...:) I've been blogging since 2007...nanghihina na akong mag blog!

it's a good topic though....:)

hi there,
sa akin ok naman ang chatbox i love to read different comment, suggestion or anything they want to say in my blog. Anyway, about the new badge still hndi p ako nakakagawa maybe kapag i decided to get a new blog and don't worry your badge post will be very useful when that time comes. Are u member of entrecard, how it works? thanks

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