Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Strange Dream

Before I became sane this morning, I was deep in my dream, and it was kind of funny so I recalled the moment I woke up.

If I can recall, it was in a place that I never went before, I was a dorm occupier, and in that same dorm, is my childhood crush, and with her boyfriend (bummer), I remembered she was wearing a skinny jeans and a white "for-racer-like" jacket, she was soooo cute, even in my dream, and a college classmate of mine was in it too, he came to pick me up for a certain event in our school that we were attending.

As my crush was about to go, she waited for us two, I was about to go to the shower, then when I was undressing, I remembered that I forgot a towel, then, I went outside, then when I saw my college friend and my crush, they were laughing.

Then it hit me..

I remembered..

I was on my birthday suit XD

I chuckled and closed the door and went back to the showers, when I got to the shower I snapped and heard a beeping sound, it was my alarm, then I woke up :)


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