Thursday, September 16, 2010


Picture this, a classmate of yours who you have a crush with was having a mutual understanding with you, calling each other names, treating each other like someone important to you, then, one night, an urge is telling you to tell the magic words to her, then, you let that urge pass and when you woke up, you two lost contact..

A few weeks after the disconnection, you later know that she has a boyfriend.

Almost 2 years have passed, you've not forgotten what happened, but forgotten all of the pain, then all of a sudden, from the horizon, you see her face, with that curly hair, cute cheeks, and thought you say hi, then, as you get closer, you see someone with her, and remembers..

Oh, she's got a boyfriend, i forgot..

Then you walk away, running away from pain, even if you know its already inside you.

Just picture that, :D


I guess its human nature to always wonder "what if" especially if you never had the chance to tell her how you feel.

I completely agree with Annpod....:)

thanks for the visit....great to be here....btw, where can I find your badge lists.....:)

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