Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Looking at the future

As my cousin celebrated her birthday last night, a startling news turns up on the surface, because that night of the party, she broke up with her boyfriend, a weird thing actually, and for some personal reasons, I cannot tell why, but that's not the point, because as the news spread fast like a wildfire on our household, my mother made me hear her words of wisdom relating to the news at hand

If you love someone, never give it your all

She might be right, as to what happened to my cousin, I assumed the guy was too deep in love with my cousin, and for some "cannot be said" confidential reasons, she broke up with him, from the start the part of the guy is really unfair to what's happening,

But on the other hand, don't you think its unfair too to your partner if you love him or her less?

What if your partner is putting all in your relationship? and you in return treat him or her crap? what's the point right?

So in the end, you cannot tell how much you have to love a certain person, because, as a professor once told me

Somewhere within the line, you two have to meet halfway

Which is clearly far more better than what my mom said,

But when she was saying that, a thought crossed my mind..

Why would she be telling me this? I thought she prohibits me from having a relationship? though not directly stated, she implied it, argh

Which brought me up on another conclusion. on "What the heck am I saying? im not even in a relationship, and never been in one to begin with"

Im really effed up..


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