Thursday, September 9, 2010

Desktop Recording

As I recently been wondering how others record their desktop activity, I googled it on how to, then I came across an application, the "DesktopActivityRecorder", which I experimented on using.

The first project that I did is for my friend, he wants to learn the ways of the PTC :D, and what better way to teach him than to make a video-how-to :)

"Onbux Tutorial"

(sorry, will post the video soon, uploading...)

And Im planning to do another page for my blog that's all about on how to's, how to register, how to use,

On this video, you will learn how to "pay to click" within 1 minute and 30 seconds, preety fast eh? not counting the pause part, you may need to pause some along the way in the video because I literally dashed threoughout the video simply because to save MB's, and not to bore everyone to death (not to mention the video is mimed)

Next video project would be on how to create a paypal account, hope that this would help others on how to "pay to click"


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