Monday, September 20, 2010

First day Funk

Today was our first day of school, my first class starts at 7:30, I came in 8:20, :D you do the math.

Thankfully, The room was half empty, I don't know if that's to thank about, then my prof was just telling us on his ultimatum to us, that a lifeline would be given..

If you came in 7:30 and continued that untill finals, if and if you fail, I will have second thoughts, even if your grade lands in 65,

A good offer dont you think, my classmate then told our prof..

Nice offer sir, what about if we came in 6:00?

Man, he's not gonna pass that easy :), then off to the second subject, It was our old programming prof, he was one of the best in the school, he told us about implementing some rules and regulations for the class, maybe I should write them down so I wont forget myself.

1.Always strap on my ID, ALWAYS
2.School uniform should always be worn
3.Come in time, If your 15 minutes late, your automatically marked "Absent"
4.Going to social networking sites on class hours would lead to a nasty minus in your card
5.Always listen when our prof is lecturing, avoid murmuring/chatting/etc.

And that's about our day, there were 2 more subjects left but our new teacher might have something important in his hands that day, so he will meet us on wednesday.

Then we were off to the computer rentail :)


enjoy your school life =) wag maging pasaway =)

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