Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Week long rest

As I've last posted about my "To-Do" list, I will do all of this for the upcoming 2 weeks, which is our rest days, I would be undergoing a change too, cant tell because Mr.Llama may caught me, hehe, Clue, I'll be needing some discipline and never give in to the temptation :).

As I've lost track, I remember I was suppose to submit a blogpost to pearl, it completely slipped out of my mind XD, I wish that I can still submit a post, that's advertisement too you know.

I cant blog about yet about the free mousepad I got from ArtsCow, It was absolutely free, I only paid for the service fee on our local post office, not too shabby if you ask me, and the mousepad was great, It was created for durability, and guess what, you can customize it to have any photo you want, so what did I choose? a picture of me? a picture of her? or a picture of an anime character? all wrong, I chose..

My Banner.

Oh this banner wasnt made by me, It was made by my friend, thats why his signature was in it, I told him to do that so and to take credit for his work :)

So the weeks off, the trials over, the hardships done, whats next? pull out a case of brandy and we'll drink the day off, better yet the week :D


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