Sunday, September 19, 2010

Take to the sky!

This really pumped me up to blog something about.. and this is worth blogging!

Adam young's official music video on an upcoming movie "Legend of Guardians" is out now, the music video is Adam Young singing To The Sky, this is the OST of the upcoming movie "Legend of Guardians".

The music video of "Legend of Guardians"'s To The Sky almost made me cry, because im a big fan, and I dont know why, maybe the video emphasized the song more, so you can see the emotions pouring from it, well, I did, I don't know if you will see it like I do, but one thing's for sure, I really loved the video.

I can't bare to watch another round of "Legend of Guardians"'s To The Sky music video, not because of its not good and something like that, Its because when I go for another round to watch "Legend of Guardians"'s To The Sky music video, It would send me literally bursting with tears, I even commented on how I feel on the video on youtube,

To see what's the fuss is all about, here's the video :)

here's what I said.


successfully I did, but another watch of this video would send me bursting with tears,

This is why I fell in love with owl city musics, to get this tingly feelings and mushy emotions when hearing them :))

This really helped me recover on what I've went through

Never change adam young."

Really loved "Legend of Guardians"'s To The Sky, Im proud to be adam young's fan, he reaches out to me even though he does'nt know about it,

this kinda song makes me feel uplifted, so now I collected myself, looked straight ahead, and left my troubles and unease behind,

"After all those wings will take you up so high,
so bid the forest a floor goodbye as you race the wind and..

Take to the Sky!..

Its a way of adam saying to me..

"enough of the heartaches,
enough of the misery,
time for you to take to the sky :)"

I hope you watched the video, really loved it if you did, "Legend of Guardians"'s To The Sky everybody!. :)


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