Sunday, September 12, 2010

Something for the Begineers

At last, after an hours of grooling typing and coding, I Finished a whole new page for my blog, its named "Booster Pack", because in the game yu-gi-oh, the ones that will help you when you are beginner are called "Booster Pack", well this newly created page is devoted in helping others earn money online with my own steps, its kinda craggy and rugged, but in the end, its my honest opinion on how to make money online.

Starter pack

Its free, no fees, All I ask in return is they use my links for signing up. those are step by step tutorials, military based :D, well, kinda trying hard military based :).

Well, now the question is on how to cascade this page to every beginners, so I can help them out, I started from scratch too, not knowing where to start, luckily Mr.Llama guided me through, and its time for me to guide others :D.

(Man that got my back good, it aches XD, but its worthit)


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