Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hmm, Keywords are what makes a blog searchable in search engines, that keyword would be entered in the search toolbar then when your blog is highly competitive, you have a high chance on getting to the first page of the search, your lucky enough to get to the top ten (which is the first page) but how about those without a keyword?

Ive been blogging since I can remember, and still, months have passed and still I dont have a keyword, how could I focus on blogging if my blog is unsearchable in many search engines?

I dont know what keyword to optimize, it must be new, it must be something that others always search about, but still a few is optimizing that keyword, in short, it must be HITLOD.

Still, after lingering about this topic, still no keywords pop out of my mind, Hayyz, how about "How to make money online", Im sure enough that that's off the shelf.


Keywords doesn't have to be unique. Sometimes you have to steal someone's keyword and fight for it until you made it to the top.

What about the never ending keyword "pinay scandal"? 668, 000 blogs are firghting for this keyword. And still HITLOD.

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