Tuesday, September 14, 2010


All blogs have detours, some of them contains a special lesson for a special something, and too bad, others doesn't explore those detours, so, since I don't have nothing to write about, I'll be giving some of my detours an exposure to the adgitizing community, and so for other guests.

The first detour is my blogroll, I really love exchanging links with other bloggers, not only do you get exposure, you gain a new friend, knowing that he/she is willing to post your badge as a sign of friendship. so be my friend, give love :D

This is my badge, you can see it in my sidebar :D, those whose badges I grabbed are on my blogroll which you can also see on my sidebar.

The second detour is a dedication for those willing to learn and earn online, I made this so others can easily learn how to make money online, Its pretty easy, you wont earn much in the start but you will eventually, so take time to read these simple steps on how to earn money online.

Starter pack

I know I made a post about this already, but I just want others to learn how to earn money online so bad, and I want to have referrals too :D.

If you see any grammar error, some tips you think are much better, feel free to tell me, I'd be happy to know your comments :)


Thanks for grabbing my badge.. have posted your blog in my blogroll.. to follow the badge.. still studying how to make tables..


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