Friday, September 24, 2010

Growing and Growing

For the past few weeks I've been an advertiser on the "Adgitize" community, thanks to my mentor Mr.Llama for giving me the capital to start, and becoming an adveriser really boosted my page views and ranks, and this I owe to the visitors going here and exchanging links.

Now next month, I will try to optimize keywords, popular keywords, and even the powerful Pinay Scandal keyword, which is today, still a HITLOD keyword, wew, to think foreigners dig our Sariling Atin XD joke, but its a powerful keyword, blogs battling for this keyword is still low but the search rates are still high, so this is really what you can practice on when optimizing a keyword such as the said Pinay Scandal

But using Pinay Scandal can have its disadvantages too, if you are using Pinay Scandal as your keyword, you can end up ruining your blog to google and even on adgitize just for a measly word Pinay Scandal, because as you blog about Pinay Scandal you will end up using foul words like *beep* and *beep* haha, just joking, but yes you will, if your not careful, using words that literaly points to a Pinay Scandal, so be careful using the keyword Pinay Scandal

Mr.Llama told me there was a contest that was held for this Pinay Scandal keyword, and the top blogger with these keyword will win the contest, so, want to try having that contest again? I sure want to do a contest, but I just don't know the mechanics and how bloggers work up those prizes themselves,

and again, a wonderful blogpost was done, using a keyword Pinay Scandal :D


You are learning and learning. :)

But don't use the same keyword more than 4 times on your blog post hun. Your blog might end up in the "sandbox". Goooooogle might think that your blog is a keyword farm.


hi there, i am an advertiser also in adgitize for less than a month and i can see how adgitize change my rank, thanks to them my blog was beginning to notice =)

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