Friday, September 3, 2010

Im Back!

At last, after a long weeks waiting for our internet connection, its now working, surprisingly, the problem was under our noses.

The problem on our internet connection was the wires below the door, because of too much friction, the wires were stripped, my father was the one to see this, (He checked all part because he cant wait to play poker) and he patched it up and went straight to the computer for 4 hours straight playing poker.

Now, its time for me to stetch out my arms, crack my fingers, and start doing my "TO DO LIST"

1.Manage Blog, add Bloggers for Lovelinks
2.Contact Miss Paula for BC Bloggers verification
3.Manage PTC sites,(Very active rented refs, sad I wasnt active)
4.Browse,Browse,Browse, and watch streaming my fave anime's

I got many to do, not much to waste, wish me luck guys :D


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