Friday, September 10, 2010

New Theme

As you can see, I decided to change the template of my blog, as "Ber" months are upon us, I think a yuletide template would be appropriate :)

I was inspired to change my blog's template as Mr.Llama told me he changed his too. then I went on to do a bunch of notepads containing my widgets (which when the template was applied came of no use) and then uploaded my new searched template, after a grooling 45 minutes, its done.

Changing widget positions like playing with a puzzle, deleting unnecessary widgets that came inappropriate to the new applied template, adding widgets that replaced those that are deleted, and overall managing of the blog itself.

As I finished with the renovation, I grabbed a piece of bread and dipped it into some lugaw as I gazed upon the new look of my blog which is..


P.S. some problems came to my alexa widget, and until now im thinking why the heck is my blog linked to all over 400,000 sites and still have that rank?? :)


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