Sunday, September 5, 2010

Starting the metamorphosis

Well, Im starting it, the first phase in my plan, to lessen my eating habit, im cutting my food percentage of about 1/3 to 1/2 when eating, great eh?

And Secondly, my friend and I are always doing rounds on manila, we'll walk for awhile and go where the wind takes us, we tire ourselves and sweat alot, when we go home, we try to resist eating, I'll tell you thats hard, all tired and stuff and wanting to eat 3x more than regular, its like torture, I go to my bag and grab me a pack of crackers :D

The whole goal of walking is to burn out fat, we drink first some fat burner helping drinks, then off we go, telling weird stories as we walk,

Then a few trip to the gym, my friend recommended that I reduce the sets weightlifting from 12 to 5, because I'll be dieting, not building up muscle, so its only to help me burn fat too,

Any suggestions on how to slim down? burn fat? feel free to comment, all comments would gladly be accepted :)


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