Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Got nothing to write about

*sigh* these are those days wherein I got nothing to write about, I woke up early just to surf the net and manage my blog, I went to my blog, logged in my blogger account, then pressed "New Post" on OneStopBlog, surprisingly I came out with the title.

Got nothing to write about

As I write these down, I, at the same time, manage my PTC sites, thw two that shines among are "Neobux" and "Onbux", "Onbux" is now my favorite PTC site, really great, but if you read my old post, I got banned from the forum :(, But still im thankful that my clicking account wansnt banned, just my forum part, so still I click 4 ads everyday, and my RR's click too, everyone's happy :).

As I look on what I wrote, im surprised I got this far, just blabbering what I normally do at the morning, Probably I'll be logging in to facebook after managing all of these,

But my internet connection is not that fast, so I might have difficulties finishing "Adgitize". Boy I wish I got better plan than this crappy one.


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