Monday, September 27, 2010

Those days when your mind goes Blank

C'mon guys, im not getting any blogpost request from you :( hmm. but please not a blog review, that'll cost extra :D.

And again, a thoughtless day has come, a day where nothing comes to mind to blogging, a day where you just want a blogpost done, a day where you wished something will hit you (and literally) and blog about it. Lets make this blogpost a bit sensable, not just by doodling around. lets just have a walkthrough in my day.

At first I woke up this morning still feeling sleepy, and as my class was about to start in an hour, I got up and hit the showers, after that I slipped in my uniform and kissed my mom goodbye.

Then I rode the PUJ, (which means Public Utility Jeepney, which I actually don't know if that's the right meaning for it), there, I was sitted in front of a cute girl, I mean, she has a white complexion and all, a curly hair, and a very cute and radiant face, which I think uplifted my daily spirit :D.

When my stop comes, I rushed out of the jeep, not looking back knowing she won't be mine anyways.

As my class starts, a very energetic and jokingly professor greets us (always), after the subject, my friend decided to eat breakfast with me (man while writing this I got a dejavu), I ordered a fried rice with egg and cheesedog, which I happily glomped, when I was done, I payed for my meal, pulling out my frog purse (naruto's coin purse) I thought of my other wallet, then when I pulled it out I went "OMFG I forgot my lunch money", thankfully I still have some spare change enough to pay for the meal.

And as the day goes by, I still see her, and still try to resist not looking at her.

When it was almost sundown, I went home, which I don't usually do, because my friends and I always play at a computer pub for a couple of hours, which in my case, cannot be done,

I got home, slipped out my uniform and went straight to bed :D

Well, thats my day. I still think of her, (the one who I idolize, not the one on the jeep)

Okay, tired of seeing posts like this? slap a paper in my face or send me a message noting what I should post next :D


hhahaha...I thought you think of the girl you saw at the jeepney....:)

Don't worry, you are not alone...mental block din ako minsan...ehhehehe!

Hello! reading your posts! thanks for offering to create a badge for me. Kung ok lang sayo, turuan mo na lang ako gumawa ng badge =)
new blogger eh, kaya di pa marunong...

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