Saturday, September 25, 2010

Benefits of a blogger

A blogger is not successful without a fellow blogger, so as the saying goes, "No Man is an Island" literally implies to blogging, without a fellow blogger, there's no exchange links, without exchange links a blogs PR is nothing, and no PR means a blogger is not a happy bunny, so, a fellow blogger is essential to the growth of each other.

Others write to earn, others write to inspire, and for others are all in between, well, im in the all in between, because sometimes I write to earn, and sometimes when im inspired, I write to please, to inspire, to motivate, so when I wrote a certain article, a certain blogger commented on my blog post, which made me a very happy bunny.

She stated that my blog post was wonderful and all, and she followed my blog because of this, and I was like, "Whoa!?!" I mean, I just won someone's heart into writing, I somehow got to her, so this was a first to me, and I was happy to blog about it.

Not much knows but I would like to help each visitors with every problems they have, as long as I can, whether its on coding, about blog post, earnings. and again, anything and everything in between, and as for the commenter, its this replies that motivates me to help others, and I don't want to rub that in, in fact, its against my will to tell that "Hey I want to help you" etc. its because I believe in another perception, that..

Do good deeds, expect a reward,
don't expect a specific reward,
it would be grand, but it has a different way of saying it is,
you will be rewarded,
If you tell others about that deed,
they will admire you, salute you,
and this is the reward you'll get,
so don't expect a grander more bigger reward,

So to me, I don't want to brag about what I do, because to me, the admiration reward is for those who only wants fame, but for me, the grander reward is what I prefer,

Tagalugin ko na, gamit na lang kayo ng translator pag di nyo maintindihan
(i'll say it in tagalog, use a translator if you dont understand :D)

Pag sinabi mo sa iba yung ginawa mo, dun lang yun, humanga na sila sayo, nagyabang ka na, wala ka nang makukuhang iba, pero kung hindi mo sasabihin sa iba, sya na bahala magbigay ng gantimpala sayo, at tandaan mo, hindi sya madamot magbigay,

So what would you prefer

PS. Im ashamed, I still can't get what I want to through writing in the medium of English XD


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