Friday, September 17, 2010

Letting go..

WARNING! *Contains Mushy emotional Content* WARNING!

I haven't got nothing to write about again, so I thought hard, harder, hmmm, then, I remember a conversation worth blogging about.

It wasn't a conversation, it was more of an interrogation, I see my mentor troubled, then I came to ask why, then I teased him about her crush at our campus, and he said a line from a famous song.

I dont love you..
Like I did..


I thought of my crush, then said to myself,

I wont say this,
will I??

Then, I sat down and told him who was my mystery girl, she wasn't shocked at all, figures, maybe I've given off too much clues.

Then we got back to our class,

As today, I've thought of that line, and from the circumstances happening right now, maybe I should reconsider, I cant take it anymore,

I wont be ignored!

So, maybe I've said this too much at the past, but today, I will try to detach my feelings, I wish this was just as that easy, maybe it will if I think of her less, or don't ever think of her at all,

Its a new term, a new month, a new school day, a new heart.

Im not saying I should find another inspiration other than her, i'm just saying that I should get to know myself more.

I wont make unnecessary fuss about little things, I wont give a meaning to a simple quote, enough is enough, :(

I was a stranger to her to start with, so she didn't even knew I existed.

I just wished that she told me straight, "I dont like you" "be gone faggot!", that would've helped me much.


The conversation looks so familiar Dear friend! *wink*

"Its a new term, a new month, a new school day, a new heart."

Reformat yourself but please don't forget to back up a bit of yourself.

There are so much possibilities Dude. All you need is a new perspective. :)

Best of luck!

nice :D

Stop there and money corrected, hehe is my lines correct?

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