Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Adgitize Advertiser

As my birthday came and go, I received many gifts, chocolate, candy, and $10 on my paypal account, courtesy of Mr.Llama, He said to use it wisely, and I chose to use that as my capital to start in Adgitize.

Its a hard time for me, Adgitize started toughing up for their Advertisers just when I joined Advertisers, I hope I can always post up quality blogpost valid enough for the Adgitize community.

I want to talk about other Advertiser at Adgitize, I noticed that others put on Adgitize badge after noticing that other Adgitizers dont visit their site, and the surprising part is, others started removing their Adgitize badge, I talked to Mr.Llama about this, and he told me that maybe because the website turned into a bigshot that they dont need Adgitize no more, sad, I remembered a great saying..

Ang taong di marunong tumingin
sa kanyang pinanggalingan,
Ay di makakarating
sa kanyang pupuntahan.

Someone that doesnt look back
on where he came from,
Can never get
to his destination

Sorry for the crappy translation, to my part, they should at least put up a 125x125 Adgitize badge, so their blog is still worth clicking on the Adgitze banner.

I mean is it so hard to put up that little thing on somewhere within your blog/domain/site?
It wont take up that much of a space, so its not that a bother, actually that little thing can bring an income to traffic, I just dont know why they remove it..

I dont want to judge people, specially talk bad about them, I just want others to know this and dont make the mistake others had.


Woah! Thanks for the link love Ced!=) Welcome to the adgitize world! You just leveled up! =D

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