Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting Worried

As many and many goes in and out of my blog, my blog rank rises, and as this rises, I prepare myself for the "blogvertise" universe, writing for others and like that, but as I visit my visitors (which I always do, so don't forget to drop by on my shoutbox), I read some of their post, their post was all about a "niche" of their blog, I don't know what this means :(

If you can explain it to me at least in layman's term, please do,

So as I look at my own blogpost, I thought of what would be my blog's category, where will it go and what's the suitable caregory which would I be comfortable on writing in, not writing for something I forcefully took.

If I make my blog a personal one, it wouldn't be that of a traffic magnet, maybe to others, and don't get me wrong, I love writing stuffs about me too, but lets face it, others think when they see a personal blog.


And once again, don't get me wrong, I love reading others' blogposts about themselves too.

And then, If I choose a certain category... argh, even my blogpost now is getting all strangled up :(

And as the school day's schedule is but a new to me, and adjustments are needed, This i need to keep in mind too, and if you can judge it for yourself, what would you recommend my blog's category would be?

NOTE:I know my english in this blog post is preety bad, im not myself right now


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