Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Window Shopping... Kinda

Damn I forgot to click last night at Adgitize :(

As I have received Adgitize's payment, and 2 from my PTC sites, I have felt the "Biglang Yaman" Syndrome that was told to us when we were at highschool, it was a feeling that you want to buy all sorts of things just because you gain an amount of money from something, but I do have a valid reason on feeling this.

I have a phone, yes, everyone technically does, but mine can be called an "Ancient", im not ashamed of it, in fact, I love the "Simplicity" of its interface, so I was really keeping a good care of it, but we all know things wore out everytime, that's what my phone is going through now.

You cannot see what its malfunction until you use it..

It looks fine right? but its having some "Issues" on sending messages, its receiving and sending messages on a delaying manner, so that can be irritating right?

To those kind hearts who want to donate phones, my paypal account is graveplayer@yahoo.com, haha just kidding with you :) but don't be shy on donating for a phone :D


is that a 3210? yes I also love the simplicity of the old phones, sometimes I got dizzy with all the stuffs in the menu of the new phones today. :D

I still keep one of those 'ancient' phone as backup in case my techie phone ran out of battery. Ancient but reliable!

hahah, do i need to send you one, as payment for being kind, lol

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