Thursday, October 21, 2010

SportsFest! Day 2

This was the second day of the sportsfest! I woke up early for a friend of mine's game, I fixed up myself, brought my badminton rackets, and went off without anything to eat again :D, i'm getting used to it.

Then, when I got there, it was already started, but strangely, it was a basketball game, I went to see a volleyball game, which got me confused, then I talked to my friend, and she told me that she heard the schedule wrong, so I sat there waited for my other friends to come.

My classmate and I went outside, we sat there and chat, then, a siomai vendor went to a stop in front of us, which we didn't let the moment pass, it was siomai for everybody! I ate 3 pieces, and ate another one courtesy of my friend :).

After that, My friend and I played badminton, but it wasn't for long, because the staff of the venue sited us and said that the part we played in was prohibited, we went on inside the venue and played near the court.

The basketball game ended, the volleyball game has started.

After I got tired, I sat down, then another friend of mine came, so its another game of badminton, so we went on the same spot, played a bit, and as the volleyball game started, my friend and I were so focused in playing that..

then it hit me.. LITERALLY!

I took a headshot from an incoming volleyball at the side of my head, whoa, TOTAL HUMILIATION! haha, so I continued my game with my friend, (my head still kinda aches till now).

The volleyball game ended, sadly our branch lost, but they put up a fight.

Our group (dota players) were completed, all of us are now present.

It's another game of basketball, we watched the game for awhile until the last quarter, after that I lend my rackets to my friends, they got too carried away that we forgot we were watching the game, so basically we only watched the first half of the game.

When I pulled out my rackets (it was pulled out, because they wont give in XD) we went on to play another pub game of Dota.

Played played, LOST! haha :D

It was a good game so no regrets.

I went home, when I was on my way to ride the PUJ, it rained, so I went to get some shelter.

It was raining so hard that you'd get wet after a second in the rain.

I was walking along the shade of the sidewalk, I never noticed someone was behind me, when I looked back, he was smiling reaching out his arm with an umbrella in his hand,


He said to me, It was a scene that you see at the anime's :D, I said thanks and went cover to his umbrella, we both went into the rain, he asked me where I was going, I said just across the street, when we were walking, he said "Oh, the rain is so strong!", Man, from the tone of his voice, I've guessed he was gay, then I bid goodbye by saying thanks.

I really appreciated his help, but I wished it was a girl :D you know..


haha! Relate! Thanks for the support! >:D<
*Umbrella guy: LIKE! HAHAHA!

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