Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yahoo's Optical Illusion : Cats

I love this optical illusion!

I didn't resized the image, the illusion would be hard to do if I did

This is a great optical illusion, I literally went nuts when I figured this out! haha, this is a 3D figure of a cat, the illusion is, you can make it turn at will! its no joke! there's no button to be pressed, no waiting time, you just have to know the right trick into making it turn at will.

It is rotating clockwise, and when you know the trick, it will do vice versa of what you first saw it is rotating in, I'll post the answer tomorrow, or try practicing it and comment in your answer :).

-Credits for the picture goes to Yahoo!


I sit for 10 minutes trying to make it turn counter clockwise. You know what I've got? Teary eyes. ahahaha

hhaha...found it...just look at the face of the cat then it will turn counter clockwise..hahaha

nhahaha, I followed Kat's and it did turn counter clockwise :)

No fair! I just look at it then it turned counter clock wise. Then I look at it again, it is now the other way around.

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