Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Well whattaya know

On my last blog I mentioned about my ancient phone :), well, to start off this blog post, lemme give you a peek of what I'm going to blog about..

A slick phone don't you think?

Ok ok this phone is mine, but don't jump into conclusions, this phone is a great phone, has all my techie needs, a Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint Player, a Media Player, and a great themed icons, and a great home window, and I was stupid enough to ruin it :).

This phone was my mom's, we bought it off a cellphone repair booth, he gave us a "Lifetime Warranty" because it was an exotic phone, so I said to my mom to buy it, well it was only for a 1,500 peso, so its a great deal, look it up at ebay to see how much I saved :D.

Then when she was using the phone, she always asked me how to operate this "Thingy", so I decided to swap my nokia (not the ancient one, the one she bought me, the flippy one :D will post pics of it next time), as a techie guy, I maximized the capability of the phone :D, everything went fine, even when the time it got wet on the keyboard, it went nuts, typing was never that easy, it was auto clicking/typing :D, I charged it and left it for awhile, then the next thing you know, its fixed, maybe the charging fried the water inside.

After that, I was sooo happy, got the phone I used to know and love, then, as I went on with my everyday life, I charged this phone and my mp4 player, having the same charging port (USB port) I, for some reason, decided to switch their chargers, (because the phone charger is much more faster), I charged it OVERNIGHT (man as I wrote it down, I see how dumb i was XD). then when I woke up, its dead, pressed the ON button but it wont budge, then, I was all gloomy, knowing this thing would'nt go away by just overcharging it again.

What happened was the mp4 charger had a different voltage than of the standard one, and when you look at the battery, it was all inflated and stuff, having a lump, then I decided to buy a battery on ebay, when it got here, I slapped it in, crossed my finger, then pressed the ON button, sadly, nothing happened :(.

My friend and I embarked on a mission to fix this phone, we went from booth to booth, telling us that the problem was on the "Program" and they don't have the certain program to make it work.

As we venture along our journey, my friend always brings up on how stupid I were to buy an exotic phone, (man I called him friend), but he was saying that in a joking manner, so I know he's just trying to cheer me up.

I miss this, we even called this "IPAKYU"

We manage to find a booth, it was my friends booth, well, its not his, but he always go there to repair his gadgets, so he's a regular on that booth, even the guy fixing stuffs became his friend.

One guy there said he knew someone with the program for my phone, I was so happy, then, the guy said "it'll cost roughly around 1,000" and he was unsure to boot with :(. so I cancelled the deal,

Until now I want a phone like this, I'm missing its services it provided me :( sad.


I quote: "a Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint Player, a Media Player, and a great themed icons, and a great home window"

- really?! can view ms applications?! watda! O_O

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