Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Stressful Night

It was half past 8 in the evening when I got home, I just came back from school, It was really a tiring night, losing a game of DoTA before going home, proposing a product to half of the class in one subject, then when I got home, a friend of mine was waiting for me, he was waiting to show me his tricks, which really took off some of my stress, but as we chat and time flies by, I completely lost track of what I had to do, so I bid him farewell and thanks for the tricks he pulled, (He was a magician in training, and I was his so called "apprentice" or manager in my view, he's getting good!).

I rushed over to turn on my pc. I thought of the adgitizing stuff really to breeze by because of my new Opera browser, and as soon as my desktop loaded, I clicked on the Opera icon, which surprisingly malfunctioned, sadly I went to firefox, opened up my blog and add a 3 new tab for my 3 PTC sites, then, I clicked clicked clicked until my Opera browser works, and yet again, the "Opera Turbo" saved my buttocks, XD. really lovin it as my Adgitizing tool.

All was fine, until my net started fluctuating, it went up and down faster than a child playing on a see-saw, I'm really messed up, as I look at the time, its already 11:30pm, and I have to get up 6:00 in the morning! whoa talk about cramming.

As I wrote all of this down while browsing, my browser was concerned of me, then both Opera and Firefox loaded all the pages that was not opening, I was so relieved, thanks to this I can now close my eyes tonight :).


don't let the night put you on stress hahaha tama ba sinasabi ko ...anyway, have time to relax =)

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