Friday, October 22, 2010

SportsFest! Day 3

This is it, the last day of our sportsfest!

As my daily routine, wake up, get dressed, and i'm off!

We arrived at the venue and watched 2 games, it was basketball and dance competition, the basketball game was between us and sta. mesa, and we won, but sta. mesa won the overall championship, the dance competition was won by our branch too, and we all ended the dance competition with a bang, with everyone going to the dance floor, it was a showdown!

And the best was, someone from our branch went in the middle, did a headstand, and the worm, picture this, he's 2x bigger than me :D. my friend quoted it as "The most elevtrifying move ever!".

One of my friend decided to take a picture of some of our friends with their crush, man after the picture, they were tingling from the bones :).

After the dance competition, we watched the volleyball game, it was profs vs students, and whoa the profs was on fire on the volleyball.

Next was the basketball game, but this time, its another "profs vs student", and it was a great fight, we didn't know our profs had that in them :) they were good too!

And the awarding ceremony was held by storm, no literally, the storm decided to watch our awarding ceremony too :), and that concludes our 3 day sports event.


last day na so vacation is the next, enjoy!

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