Sunday, October 31, 2010

Asking you out!

Its not what you think, the date stuff and all, this is different.

Since a new month is coming, I decided to do something before and after the start of the month, I'll do my rounds on adgitize asking out all blogs that I will come across!

No not on a date, I'll ask them out to exchange links! I wonder why bloggers like to be asked of their permission to exchange links rather than the opposite, I admit I am one like this, so I will push all the boundaries and ask all blogs that I will lay my footprints on.

So adgitizers, Ready your blogroll a space for my badge/link :) haha.

Oh yeah the cat illusion thingy was a real hit to bloggers, so I will try to make saturdays an illusionary blogpost day :), don't know what im talking about? Check this out!!


hi Ced,I think it's better to ask bloggers first if they want to x-link, so they can add you back. from my experience some bloggers asked me to x-link with them and I will add their url to my blogroll, but when I visited their sites, I can't find my link, so what I did I ask them to add me first then I will do the same.

My favorite way to exchange links is to comment on other blogs. Most bloggers will at least visit you back and sometimes comment as well. A great way to have fun reading other great blogs too :-)

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